With the imminent release of Sharp Practice 2 I’ve been planning new forces, but also rejigging old forces so I can use them with the new rules.   I’ve blogged about my 15mm French-Indian War collection before and have played a good few games of Muskets and Tomahawks.  The troops, all Blue Moon Manufacturing via Old Glory UK , are quite usable for Sharp Practice 2, but I needed some new sabots as Sharp Practice has different unit sizes.  I got these news sabots made for me by Supreme Littleness Designs.

Here’s a force made from the starting list for the British in 1755.  It represents part of General Braddock’s force advancing on Fort Duquesne.  Three groups of British Regulars infantry supported by a single group of Provincial Rangers.  Two  Status II Leaders, one for the Regulars and one for the Rangers.


The rulebook also has lists for colonial forces attempting to protect settlers after Braddock’s disaster, Provincial Regulars supported by Frontier Militia and Settler Skirmishers, and a force of light infantry supported by Indians and Rangers.  I don’t have all the troops I need for these other forces, my Light Infantry need painted and I need to buy Provincials and Militia.

For opposition I have this force which represents the troops who won an overwhelming victory over Braddock at  Monongahela.  Two groups of French Marine Infantry, two groups of Milice Canadiene and two groups of Indians.


I’m looking forward to pitting these two forces against each other in a situation like Monongahela, though the heavily wooded terrain would favour the French and I think the British might have a hard time.

I also have all the troops I need for the another Force lists, a French Raiding Party out to do some ethnic cleansing in the Ohio Valley (2 groups of Milice Canadiene, One group of Indians and one group of Coureur de Bois with Rifles, thee Status II leaders)  but I need to get some French  Regulars before I can put together the third list, though I could just substitute Marine Infantry for the Regulars.

I’m planning on getting more Rangers and some French Regulars so I can do scenarios based on the exploits of units like Rodger’s Rangers, there’s an excellent scenario for the Battle on Snowshoes in the TooFatlardies Summer Special for 2011.